A party in the form of a hosteddancefloor with happenings


AVATARED is a party that quickstarts as a show in the form of a hosted dancefloor with happenings. The evening Dj has prepared and handed over the first 50 min of the party to two stage performers that will be his/her/their Avatars. They will be the hosts of the evening and they will take care of the room temperature by powering it with dancing, dance happenings, micro action performances, electronic music and more.

You are invited to join and dance, explore freedom in movements and presence.AVATARED aims at rediscovering the contagion of dancing and challenges you to dance through exhaustion.

AVATARED plays with the role of the Dj. Observing that the Dj traditionnally creates a front and a situation of hierarchy by staying behind the Dj booth, AVATARED proposes a dancefloor where this frontality and this hierarchy are dynamically deconstructed, enhansing the group perception, imagination and dancing vibes.

Duration : 50 minutes
Artistic idea, direction and choreography : Aloun MarchalPerformers (two of these four) :Gilda Stillbäck, Mpululu Ntuve, Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson, Aloun MarchalComposer : (one of these - more to come) :Felipe Botero, Andreas Foxx, Platon BuravickyCostumes : Linnea Bågander, Linn StossLight design: Effraim Kent and Nelson LimaOutside eyes : Soledad Howe & Liza PenkovaProducers : Javier Umazabal, Hanna Magdalena Gödl, Vanessa LabaninoPhotography - Poster - Graphic design : Johan Roman and Eleonora Tirabasso INSIDEOUT Studios.
Sound and lighting techniques : Nelson LimaMake up artist : Mpululu NtuveProduction : Possibilitas & La Vaca LocaSupported by : City of Gothenburg & Kulturrådet A special thanks to the dancers Gilda Stillbäck and Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson as well as the composer Felipe Botero for their support during the creation of the Beta Version.