A collaborative creation withRoger Sala Reyner and Simon Tanguy

Gerro, Minos and Him

a maelström of shouts, slaps, small dances, kabuki love scenes, tribal singings. They shift from loneliness to togetherness, sensation to dance soli, grotesque to subtle movements, from burning to shining, from sheding to getting rebirth.

Collaboration proposes its own anarchy mode. We have embrassed that mode. Which means that we have looked for a practice that would let conflicts of diversity, of timing and of characters emerge in the same space and in the same time. The intended conflict creates an intense listening.

Our strategy is to clash and contaminate each other in order to destroy what was and allow what is; to enlarge what was prepared for what appears.

The playful relationship that gets created in between the performers and with the audience echoes the one of the childhood: light, cruel, honest and passionate.

Their journey passes through simultaneously poetic and violent realitiesThis piece exposes the fragility and the humour of the changing moment.

The shift between the various mental spaces is the core of the piece. It brings the audience to try to figure out what the performers do and how they got to that place. Blurredness and confusion are part of the political statement of the piece. This confusion provokes one to question what is recognizable and takes him into a broader relation to what happens on stage.

Gerro, Minos and Him has been created in Het Veem Theater in January 2012 after two residencies, in the Musée de la Danse de Rennes and in Dansbyran in Gothenburg. The première took place in Something Raw Festival on February 14th 2012 in Amsterdam (NL).

Gerro, Minos and Him has received the best choreography prize during the Tanz – und theaterpreis festival 2013.

Gerro, Minos and Him, first steps, a ten minute version of the piece has been awarded the second prize of the dance competition, Danse Elargie. Théatre de la ville, Paris, 2010.

Gerro, Minos and Him is part of the aerowave’s priority list 2013, Biennale de la danse 2014 and Ice Hot Festival 2014.

Duration 50 minutes
Artistic team
Created and performed by Aloun Marchal, Roger Sala Reyner, Simon Tanguy
Light design Pablo Fontdevila
Outside eyes Katerina Bakatsaki, Benoît Lachambre, Igor Dobricic
Production Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam
Coproduction Musée de la danse – CCNRB / Zeitraumexit Mannheim
Support Institut Français d'Amsterdam / Institut Néerlandais de Paris / Dansbyran Gothenburg / Konstnärsnämnden – Swedish Arts Grants Committee