Created in collaborationwith Henrique Furtado

Bibi Ha Bibi

Wearing skin-tight playsuits, Aloun Marchal and Henrique Furtado weigh each other up, stare at each other, stand firm in the middle of the stage and let out a cry from deep inside : the challenge is laid down. Face to face, close to each other, conniving and provoking at the same time, they are getting ready. They explore a wide range of sounds and movements with clashing styles, from sports fighting to teasing childish games, from rumbling noises to lullabies, from straightforward breathing to bestial yelling.

Progressive mechanisms drive the performers even further into their exercise, moving disjointedly and opening their throats more and more. The pas de deux glides from controlled violence to sensuality, which are both disturbingly based on listening, mimicry and exchange of movements. Progressively, voices and faces, laughing and cruel, get tangled, mixed up and rival each other. Henrique Furtado and Aloun Marchal are ready, at last…