Aloun's improvising generates a space where different spaces clash. From the actual room of the stage to dry or colorfull fictional landscapes, Aloun experiences the frictions of traveling from a place to another.You are invited to share his poetic journey and taste, see, watch, rest, listen, feel, chew, breathe, digest. In short, co exist in this creation of time passing (by ?).

Surreal Lovers & Guests

Gothenburg Culture Festival 2009.A collaborative concert performance created by Aloun Marchal, Gilda Stillbäck and the rock group Surreal Lovers. Commissioned for and performed at the Gothenburg Culture Festival 2009.

Gallery and Clay work

10 september 2015, Gallery Fabriksg 48, Gothenburg.A score improvised duet with laughing and fresh clay Masks, created and performed by the clay artist Matilda Haggärde and Aloun Marchal.


A score improvised duet performed by the keyboard player Matti Ollikainen and Aloun Marchal. November 2011, Borås Museum.

Ritual of Joy

A score improvised trio created and performed by gilda Stillbäck, Simon Kriisin and Aloun Marchal for the Palmarum evening, June 2013.

Fountains, puddles and beaches : Riptide

A score improvised duet for not too deep waters created and perfomed by the performer and choreographer Ine Claes and Aloun Marchal. Nuit Blanche Bruxelles 2012 and Stockholm Fringe festival 2012.